Written like a true Internet Writer.

(before I comment further a full disclosure: I was once rejected by you, Jonathan, as a writer for Assemblage, but I don't hold that against you as I learned, and like to think that I improved because of the rejection)

I do see some of the things you write about in this story. And I do dislike entitlement, too. I also believe firmly that you as an editor of your publications have the absolute right to accept or reject stories. That is your choice, and nobody (including me) can fault you for not wanting certain stories or writers in your publications. However, I have some friends here on Medium who can no longer publish in your publication, not because of the quality of their work, but because they choose to also publish in a certain other publication. These friends I speak about, to not resemble in the slightest the internet writer you so eloquently describe in this post. (I know, this comment is getting too long, delete it if you feel you must). They are the kindest and most generous of people, who you are willing to treat like anybody else who offends the way you view the world. In that respect, you are still an Internet Writer yourself, despite of what you write here.

I will save this comment. Will not publish it as a story. Even if you delete this comment. I will not cry censorship. I just hope to give you something you gave me. Holding up a mirror, offering the chance of self reflection, and hopefully it has value for you and offers you, like you offered me, a path to growth.

I help small businesses to find their story and tell it through new services and stories. Dad, poet and dot connector. Creator of the Tritriplicata. POM Poet.

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