Thanks for responding, Jonathan. I did read your piece. I saw you mentioned being an Internet Writer yourself, but also saw you implying you were past that. Anyway, enough with the dirt. I actually was not here for that.

I do see some of the things you see in said publication. I am not in it. Nor do I want to be (anymore, admittedly). The private email conversation you refer to is not private. It's publicly accessible. I think it's fair to point that out. I do not really appreciate you using the quotation marks around the word friends. There are some people I consider friends, who are kind and supportive, and mostly not Internet Writers as you describe it. Sure, we all have that, and in fact, it's a conversation I have with myself regularly. It's also why I initially wanted to join Assemblage. For all the wrong Internet Writer reasons. You were generous with your time, then, and I'm thankful for that. Really. It also made me realize where my place is. It's just that I think you are over-generalizing, and in the process hurting people you probably do not want to hurt. Not everybody on in that publication is what you say they are. Anyway, I will leave it at this. It's your story, and that is what it should be. I am returning to the part of Medium that I love. The part with small publications and generous souls. I hope you ocasionally drop by in that corner. My friends there write beautiful things, even though a lot of it is not a fit for your publications. That's okay. It's diversity. I still like to visit Assemblage once in a while.

As a last thought: self-reflection is also good for the preacher.

I help small businesses to find their story and tell it through new services and stories. Dad, poet and dot connector. Creator of the Tritriplicata. POM Poet.

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