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  • Jack Goldingham Newsom

    Jack Goldingham Newsom

    I work with imagination and creativity, with organisations who want to create meaningful change. The world needs more thinkers, I aim to be one of them.

  • Jorge Vallejo

    Jorge Vallejo

    Writer 📖 🖤POMpoet🖤 Apprentice of life 🔺 Free thinking for a better world 💭🌐

  • The Scratch Team

    The Scratch Team

    Scratch is a programming language and the world’s largest online community for kids. It is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

  • Dr. Jackie Greenwood

    Dr. Jackie Greenwood

    Veterinarian, wife, mother, grandmother, swimmer. My writing muse has tracked me down.

  • Lynette Clements

    Lynette Clements

    “ I think, therefore I am. I am, therefore I write”. (Rene Descartes. Jonathan Coe). B.A. Nursing Science. Email: lynetteclements@gmail.com.

  • Charlene Marron

    Charlene Marron

    Introvert on the outside living loudly on the inside. Taking it a day at a time. Poetry is my flow.

  • Bassey BY

    Bassey BY

    LMSW🦅social worker*I write stories that help you grow. Kulifestyle.com * bassey.medium.com/membership.

  • Corin Maxwell-Comfort

    Corin Maxwell-Comfort

    Father-Nursing Student-Transformational Breathwork® Trainee Facilitator. Loves Reading and Writing about Spirituality, Relationships and Personal Growth.

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