Lovely, Dennett. Beautiful poem, and it's good to hear you are on your way back regarding your health. Thanks for your lovely poem.

Litterpicking, data collection and a touch of Tikkun Olam

left behind broken, a
reminder of some people’s fun here.
I pick it up, before
a bird does.

Litter. It’s literally everywhere. Amazing what people callously leave behind. In the streets, in parks. In nature. Places they enjoy. Have fun in. And then, ruin.

The litter left behind is not just uncomfortable for other humans using that space. Finding a shuttlecock is not that bad. Or a candy wrapper. It doesn’t hurt. But a piece of broken glass can seriously hurt.

It’s the birds and other animals that use the space too, make it even more enjoyable, that are…

A next stage in the journey of finding a poet’s revenue stream

Photo by Daniel Tuttle on Unsplash

There was a time I published a story on Medium every single day. Sure, it was not a very long time, but I tried it. It didn’t work as I wished it would. Despite my effort, and an increase in number of readers, the time spent on my work by Medium Members was not so high that my monthly earnings from the MPP (Medium Partner Program) rose above that magic $10 mark — let alone 10 Euro.

Then there was a time I spent many minutes in Facebook groups for Medium Writers. I even went so far as to become…

Street art in Paris that says it all

A poem of love for the Love-Of-My-Life

The time for seeing the perfection of reality is here

Image by Arjan Tupan for Tripple Effect

A flattened frog, rotting fish, bird in the water. Funghi on a tree. You won’t find those over-produced, so-called perfect world shots in my Instagram feed, but on occasion there will be a photo of decay. And if it rains, there will be greyness. Just as there is radiance in the pictures when the sun shines. It is as I see the world. Every day. Without filters. Well, okay, a filter now and then can compensate my lack of photography skills once in a while. Especially when it comes to lighting and contrast. But not to beautify a world that…

A poem to inspire seeing the storm

A train carriage laden with remembrance stones in Auschwitz-Birkenau II — photo by Arjan Tupan

See the storm.
See it, don’t hesitate.
Remember what happened. What went wrong.
See the storm. And this time
make it stop.

In her diary, Anne Frank wrote about hearing the thunder rolling in. About how the world was being turned into a desert. She was in the midst of the worst atrocity in human history. Like her, people had heard the thunder, had seen the storm coming. But they weren’t able or willing to act.

After the Second World War, the world said “Never Again”. Never. Again. We haven’t been able to keep that promise. Too many storms were…

A poem for (inter)national hugging day.

Photo by Miguel Bautista on Unsplash

It’s International Hugging Day today. And boy do we need a hug in these times. So,
if you just won an election and are filled with hope,
or you just saw the other side win and lost all hope,
feel hugged.

Are you looking across the table to your partner
wondering how you are going to make ends meet this month,
or maybe how you are ever going to get out of this,
feel hugged.

Not sure how you keep up trying to fit a normal working day
into 24 hours when you are also…

Paint-rolled words on vacant board in Riga, circa 2011

An ode to one of the great footballers…

A poet patiently tries to find revenue

Photo by Sebastian Hans on Unsplash

Poets on Medium are a wonderful bunch. But increasingly, they are voicing their discontent. Not in words, that they have done generously since the changes to the Medium Partner Program (MPP) revenue calculation system in 2019. No, this time they are shuttering their accounts. Because, since the change to the MPP, poets aren’t earning on the platform. Their work is, as poetry always has been, too niche-y. Not enough people spend real time on reading poetry for poets to earn a decent amount of money on Medium. Before the MPP change, the income…

Arjan Tupan

I help small businesses to find their story and tell it through new services and stories. Dad, poet and dot connector. Creator of the Tritriplicata. POM Poet.

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